Why vision and hearing are so important for most beings maasking all other senses including humans? all being egore of fulfilling basic needs,
all form of communication among others is a critical fact in this process,
Communication is a process of gathering information of environmental changes and perception, interpretation, and response to the stimulation.

For Humans and most animals hearing and vision is the prominent sense in this process, Deficiencies or lack of these senses regardless to the cause
consequences ends with poverty in social, economical and psychological aspects of their life.

One must have right to better hearing and vision to compete the life.

Whether you are an Optometrist,Optician or an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser your role in this regard invaluable….. not only the professionals but also the public,
whether the comfort in diagnostic and medical management or non medical assistive devices.
Are we confident enough to be a part of the role…….



Started the carrier as a trainee teacher to hearing impaired in 1989, changed the responsibilities to meet the technical requirements for the hearing impaired
as a technician and later in hearing aid specialist.
2008 step in to business and became optician and later stages importer and distributor of hearing aids and accessories.
Hearing Aid specialist and business development through patient counselling and management of impact on hearing impairment for the customers (patients).
Creating new business opportunities in the hearing care industry. Strategic forecasting and planning for the sustainability of the organization.2010 Partnered with J A Lasntha Deepal to formulate J A Wimalasooriya Medical Audio
Recognition gained among the public and professional as a service provider for hearing care by providing world class hearing aids from Denmark blended with harmonious fitting processes.

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