Founder – Thamara Wijesuriya

Started his career as a teacher for hearing impaired in 1989 at Center for educating hearing impaired. Since 1990 he took the task to implement technical division of the institute. Development of technical skills and knowledge in audiology was successful with the completion of scholarship offered by Stichting Geef – Gehoor in The Netherland.

In1998 became an active member of the team of the collaborated project of Ministry of education and Ceylon Direkthielfe Germany for providing Spectacles and hearing aids to school children. He completed the project as the project team leader of the project in 2008. During this period further training obtained under many audiologists from Germany and was awarded with life membership of Lanka Audiology Association in early in the decade of 2000. He started education in optometry becoming an associate member of Sri Lanka Optometric Association in 2007.

In 2008, he put his experience and knowledge in business development on hearing aid and spectacle dispensing. Later focused totally on Hearing aid dispensing. Until the formulation of Lanka Medical Audio and continuation.