Hearing assessments in clinical base

By Thamara Wijesuriya, Proprietor of Lanka Medical Audio.


We are capable of providing standard test battery for hearing assessment in Hospital Clinical

Environment or on site environment utilizing our PC based Audio Console, uniquely developed by 

Inmedico as, Denmark unique to Oscilla product. Sound technical back up of Ocilla for periodical

Calibration and on line technical support assure updated reliable and accurate  assessment.




Reliability and validity of the test results assured by professionally qualified clinical audiologists, who are directly in touch with the process?

Hearing assessments primarily in two categories (subjective and objective)

Subjective tests inclusive of 

PTA is the most common name for pure tone audiometry that gives the picture of least sensitive hearing level of a person.

These results reflect conductive status of the sound to inner ear and the status in both aspects of functionality to sounds .test Subjects Corporation on responses for sound stimulation, effect to the results directly. PTA results are widely used for diagnosis and ENT management on many pathological conditions all over the world. It also used for non-medical rehabilitation on amplification.

Free Field Test

This is widely used to assess the sensitivity level to sound on infants and babies who are non-cooperative in responding to stimuli, this facility used in many ways like BOA (Behavioral observation audiometry) VRA (visual reinforcement Audiometry), CPA (Conditioned play audiometry) etc..


Aided Threshold

This test is used to evaluate the functionality of hearing aid use of a person. Free field test facility required for this test, Results used to adjust the hearing aids to increase the effectiveness of the hearing aid used.

UCL measurements 

These measurements uncomfortable thresholds are important to identify the upper ceiling of sensitivity for a person’s dynamic range of hearing. Norm values for dynamic range 0- 120 dBHL, in hearing aid fitting the UCL is very important factor.


MCL Measurement

This measurements gives us the guide line in fitting hearing aids determining amplification level to be applied. 


Objective tests

These test inclusive of   Tympanometry, Reflaxometry, both IPSI and Contra lateral. Tympanometry gives important diagnosis in middle ear pathology in ENT management. Widely used in Hospitals and audiology clinics worldwide.




Reflaxometry used to identify the functionality of stapedii muscle and thereby understand the pathological condition in ENT management.

Electrophysiological Tests


Results used to screen newborns , Infants and non-responsive adults.   







OAE is used to screen hearing functionality on new born infants and identify at risk subjects to schedule full test battery, Occationally

 OAE used to evaluate

 adults hearing also Developed countries does this as a routing for new born.



Thiese messurements used to  diognose retrocochlea pathalogy condition and auditory cortex ststus. widely used in

 hospitals for Cochlear implant candidecy criteria as well as in the  candidecy criteria for  infants.