Hearing Assessments


Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Audiologists at our clinic will follow a series of procedures to evaluate your hearing status and Otoscopic examination help to diagnose pathological condition of your ear canal and ear drum. The hearing test (Audiogram test, PTA) will determine your hearing sensitivity and abnormalities. The results are evaluated and referral made to appropriate ENT management assured.

Referral for hearing assessment from medical practitioners and professionals return for further investigation and medical management We do PTA, Free Field Test, Aided THD, etc.

These tests performed for hearing rehabilitation, hearing aid fitting and adjustments directly at our clinics.

Tympanometry (Middle ear analysis)

Widely used in current ENT practices and important information for determining status of the middle ear and the mobility of the ear drum, bones of the middle ear and the function of eustachian tube. Obtained for ENT management of patients.

Advocacy and counselling for hearing conservation


Self-acceptance of the hearing condition is not an easy step for most of the people who enjoyed their life with normal hearing sensitivity. Those who suffer from loss of hearing difficulties become victim of stigma resulting social isolation and at family activities. Proper guidance and advocacy on their condition open them new windows to overcome / manage the consequences of hearing loss. And it is important handle the situation by a professional to compensate the effect.

Guidance and fitting of hearing aids


We provide realistic but yet achievable solution for your hearing problem considering many aspects like personal and family requirements, social requirements, life style, affordability etc, Selection of appropriate hearing instruments made easy for you with the awareness of your real requirement. Guidance for correct handling and care of hearing instruments will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted hearing facility through your hearing instrument.  Follow up and reprogramming /Readjustment of hearing aids available at our clinics. Beltone is a world class product line from Denmark available at our units for your comfort.

Hearing screening for employees with occupational noise exposure


We do hearing screening to find base audiogram and TTS (Temporary Threshold Shift) or PTS Permanent Threshold Shift) of employees at our clinics or at the site comply to the NIOSH and OSHA standards. We have experience doing hearing screening over 7000 employees at different employers since 2010.We have tied up with health care providers to fulfil the total health screening requirement of employers for their employees.

Ear moulds and HPD’s (hearing protective devices)



Ear moulds are used to direct the sound to your ear canal and to retain the hearing instrument steady to your ear. Ear moulds are custom made tailored to your ear size and the shape which we duplicate using the technique called ear imprisoning. All materials for ear moulds manufacturing directly imported from Heba Otoplastics Germany to assure quality and hygienic moulds production at our laboratory.

Hearing protective devices available from Heba Otoplastics Germany and custom made HPD’s also available on request. Ear Plugs, Ear Muff and Ear insert with filters available.

Swimming plugs and ear plugs on air travel also available.

Hospital based mobile hearing assessments




Audiological hearing assessments on mobile visits arranged at different private hospitals and medical centres covering Negombo, Kiribathgoda, Nittambuwa, Veyangoda, Meerigama etc. PTA and Tympanogram are the common service available in this regard. Most of the professional refer their patients for hearing assessment on their patients. Visits are scheduled and fixed for each location. Portable audiometers and  Tympanometers used   

Tinnitus Evaluation & Management




A common condition all over the world that a one may feel ringing, buzzing or humming sounds inside the ear and get panic and try to get-rid of as soon as possible hence the condition uncomfortable.  Medical management and treatments applicable and some do not cure. As the problem associate with consciousness more you think of it more the condition stabilizes and worse.

Non-medical therapeutic management become important and vital in the event of minimizing the effect of tinnitus. Trained professional on tinnitus management can help you to eliminate the effects of tinnitus on you. Our professionals available at our clinics.

Hearing aids and accessories





We represent Beltone brand hearing aids originated in 1940 in USA, today it is fully owned by GN Resound group Denmark. Beltone introduced to Sri Lanka back in 2010.

Our portfolio very from Semi digital to Digital Programmable and with wireless technology for streaming with day to day utilities such as TV, Phone and other audio devices. Hearing aids are compact with verity of features to comfort you with clear hearing and directionality of the sound around you at different listening environments.

Non wireless and wireless accessories unique to Beltone products available with us.